About Our Staff.

The President of Action Marketing is Sheila E. Bertino. Sheila is a marketing and public relations specialist with a graduate degree from the University of Tennessee. Sheila is the creative mind that designs marketing programs for our clients. Sheila brings innovative and original solutions to many of their problems. She also has extensive experience in the design of advertising mail pieces and other collateral material.

The Executive Vice-President is Jim Bertino. Jim has specialized in direct-mail response marketing techniques and data maintenance since 1970. He has over 30 years of experience in the travel, tourism, and marketing industry. Jim has had operational and production responsibility for fulfillment and mailing services of Action Marketing since 1988.

Hard at work

Judy, Michelle, and Lorey are our Response and Data Input Specialists. They make sure clients requested data is entered into files correctly and are properly inventoried.

Hard at work

They, coordinate these responsibilities with the assistance of several contract workers in the day-to-day operations. They strive to ensure all clients are served effectively and professionally.

Arthur Zepeda - USPS Certified Direct Mail Professional and USPS Mail Design Professional. As a business school graduate of The University of Central Florida at Orlando in 1996, Art heads our Mail Distribution and Production departments. Art is responsible for all mailings. Art meets regularly with U.S. Post Office personnel to maintain updated information and regulations in order to guarantee the most profitable and expeditious mail processing possible. Art also assists in mailing list acquisition, verification and integration of these lists' into our own records.

Art heads a team including Brett and Pete in mail production. They label, tab, insert, seal, sort and assist Art in meeting USPS processing regulations.

In addition to our fine staff, Action Marketing has many contract workers used to input data and perform other tasks. The use of these contract workers allows us to process large projects using the most dependable and efficient workers without costly overhead. .

This source of fine dependable professionals continues to be the backbone of our fast growth. This source of dedicated support has helped us serve large projects, while keeping client costs to a minimum and not affecting frequent client shipments.

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